Master in Ingenieurswissenschaften

Masterstudium in Ingenieurswissenschaften

Im Bereich Engineering (Ingenieurswissenschaften) befasst du dich mit sämtlichen Aspekten der Technik. Der Fokus liegt auf Forschung und Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Produktion und Prüfung von Produkten und Technologien.
Ein Master im Bereich Engineering bietet Ingenieur:innen und technischen Fachkräften die Möglichkeit, die Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten aus dem Bachelorstudium zu vertiefen und gleichzeitig ihre Management- und Fachkenntnisse zu erweitern.
Du kannst in verschiedenen Hauptfächern dein Wissen vertiefen oder neues Wissen erwerben. Daher wählst du in der Regel einen festeren Schwerpunkt (Major), den du durch ein Nebenfach (Minor) ergänzt.

Master im Profil: Master of Engineering Management an der University of Technology Sydney

Dauer: 2 Semester
Der Master of Engineering Management (MEM) bietet Ingenieurr:innen, technischen Spezialist:innen und nicht-technischen Fachkräften die Möglichkeit, Managementfähigkeiten auszubauen und zu erweitern und das betriebswirtschaftliches und technisches Wissen zu integrieren.

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Universität:University of Queensland
Dauer:1,5 years
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:41.936 AUD annual fee
Stipendien:General Scholarships

The Master of Biotechnology program is designed for scientists who want to update their technical skills in core areas such as molecular biology, protein technology or bioinformatics, or acquire research laboratory experience. The program also suits legal or business professionals with some scientific background who want to learn about the latest technological developments.

For your 1.5 years of full-time studies, you'll select from more than 30 courses, allowing you to tailor your studies to suit your interests and career goals.

Specialise in Agricultural Biotechnology to discover how to meet environmental and food security challenges with gene editing, genomics, proteomics, recombinant DNA technology, bioinformatics and disease diagnostics. Alternatively, you can choose electives in molecular genetics, food microbiology, entrepreneurship and strategy, intellectual property, drug discovery and development, immunology and infectious diseases, and more.

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ECU Logo
Dauer:2 Years
Fachfremd möglich:All applicants are required to have completed a Bachelor degree in engineering or engineering technology, with equivalents considered. Alternatively applicants can have completed the Bachelor of Engineering Science, with equivalents considered.
Kosten:64.500 AUD (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

ECU’s Master of Engineering course has been designed for those who have a non-professional accredited engineering or technology degree and wish to upgrade to a professionally accredited engineering qualification, by Engineers Australia, or wish to branch out into another area of specialization.

Learn alongside industry leaders who are committed to your success and gain extensive practical experience in our advanced labs and through a 12 week industry placement

Specialisations within this degree include:
•    Chemical Engineering
•    Civil and Environmental Engineering
•    Civil Engineering
•    Computer Systems Engineering
•    Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering
•    Electrical Power Engineering
•    Electronics and Communications Engineering
•    Instrumentation Control and Automation Engineering
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Mechatronics Engineering
•    Petroleum Engineering

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CRICOS Code:67370J

Dauer:3 Semesters
Fachfremd möglich:Yes
Kosten:20.232 AUD pro Semester (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)
Kurzbeschreibung:The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is an opportunity for engineers, technical specialists and non-technical professionals to build and stretch their managerial skills and integrate their business and technical knowledge.

The MEM has been specifically designed to emphasise the interface between engineering, technology and management. The integration of carefully tailored coursework and an independent project delivers graduates who understand the professional, societal and environmental context and have developed a range of management and engineering capabilities to respond to it.
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CRICOS Code:081088E
Griffith University Logo
Dauer:1 - 1,5 Jahre
Campus:Gold Coast campus, Nathan campus oder Online
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:37.500 AUD pro Jahr (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)
Stipendien:20% International Student Academic Merit Scholarship 
25% International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship
50% Remarkable Scholarship
Kurzbeschreibung:This program provides students with advanced study in engineering project management. It is designed to extend and deepen the knowledge and skills gained from an undergraduate degree in engineering. It is ideal for professional engineers who aspire to develop their project management skills and advance their capabilities to manage significant engineering projects across a wide range of engineering applications. The program provides a pathway to a research higher degree.
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CRICOS Code:088912K
Curtin University Logo
Dauer:4 Semesters
Fachfremd möglich:

Yes – Geology (3 years) or 4 year engineering degree.  

Kosten:76.000 AUD
Kurzbeschreibung:Curtin University is 2nd in the world in Mining and 1st in Australia.  The WA School of Mines (WASM) campus is located in the heart of the Goldfields' mining industry, in Kalgoorlie. WASM is surrounded by Gold, Nickel, Copper and iron ore mines. There are around 700 related mining companies around Kalgoorlie and our students have real on-site experience. This is difference with other universities, as mines are next to our door’s campus. This course produces engineers who can design, operate and manage a mining operation. It is suitable for students looking to develop specialist knowledge in mining engineering, or if you are a current mining professional looking to advance your career. 
Additional Content:

Mohammad Moridi: Studying at Curtin gave me experience at running real soil and rock tests at a geomechanics laboratory as well as working with underground mining simulators. I also loved Curtin’s ethical principles and social justice, the equality of opportunity in education and the well maintained and safe environment their campuses provided.

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CRICOS Code:078759G

Dauer:4 Semester
Forschungsanteil:Ja, möglich
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:37.480 AUD pro Jahr (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

International Scholarships


Master of Engineering Science is a two years program that offers in-depth knowledge in seven specialisations. The course will expand students’ professional skills in a range of areas including electrical power generation, safety and distribution, renewable energy systems and embedded design, mechanical systems design, manufacturing systems design, telecommunication network design, civil engineering project management, structural engineering and construction. 

List of specialisations: Advanced Manufacturing, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical, Network Systems and Telecommunications, Structural, Industry 4.0

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CRICOS Code:097335G
Massey University Logo
Dauer:3 Semesters
Campus:Palmerston North
Fachfremd möglich:

Needs either academic background or work experience in the field.

Kosten:60.120 NZD (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

Food safety and quality are essential to food manufacturing companies and critical for New Zealand’s economic success.

•    A fully equipped pilot plant. This operates under a risk management programme to enable the export of foods of assured safety and quality.
•    Specialist equipment for both thermal and non-thermal processing.
•    Equipment to analyse microbial, chemical and foreign matter contaminants, including a PC2 laboratory enabling you to work with foodborne pathogens.
•    Instruments to measure food composition.

Expertise in meat, fish and dairy technology, fruit and vegetable postharvest storage and processing, food formulation, additives and ingredients.

Available in New Zealand and online.

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CRICOS Code:n/a
Dauer:2, 3 or semesters depending on background
Fachfremd möglich:Related area or equivalent
Kosten:39.800 AUD per year

With increasing levels of cybercrime, governments and businesses everywhere are competing for experts with the right mix of technical and applied skills to secure their organisation against the growing threat cybercrime poses. 

This technical degree provides up-to-date knowledge and practical training for a successful career in the burgeoning field of cyber security. Completing this degree will arm you with technical skills in cryptography, networks, artificial intelligence and mobile data communications.

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CRICOS Code:099172F
Curtin University Logo
Dauer:4 Semesters
Fachfremd möglich:

Yes. Recognized Bachelor degree in Science, Engineering or Business.

Kosten:63.800 AUD (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

The importance of predictive analytics is considerable in areas where there are new disruptive technologies. This course addresses the demand for data analysts and scientists that have the right blend of technical and analytical skills to meet big data analytics challenges. You will learn advanced skills in data management, data mining, decision methods, predictive analytics and visualisation, focusing on applications to disciplines such as engineering, management, business and finance. 

Also included are opportunities to work on projects for various industries and organisations, or on analytical problems through industry sponsored projects, Innovation Central Perth, the Curtin Institute for Computation and others. 

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CRICOS Code:092977C
Curtin University Logo
Dauer:4 Semesters
Fachfremd möglich:

No. Students with 4 year Engineering degree in the same discipline will be eligible for direct entry into the MPE of the same major. 

Students with a Mathematics, Science, Physics or Engineering background from a different major should apply for a package Graduate Diploma in Professional Engineering + Master of Professional Engineering.  The course duration will be 3 years for these students.  

Kosten:72.400 AUD für ein 2-jähriges Programm
Kurzbeschreibung:The Master of Professional Engineering is a 2-year accredited (Engineers Australia) degree with an guaranteed internship included.  It develops high level technical and theoretical knowledge and skills with an industry focus and international perspective. Students will interact with world-class researchers through a combination of coursework and research based activities It covers a range of engineering majors including Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, Software and Subsea. 
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CRICOS Code:0100657


Für die Zulassung im Bereich Engineering wird meist ein Bachelor in einem ähnlichen Bereich mit einer Regelstudienzeit von vier Jahren gefordert. 
Teilweise akzeptieren die Universitäten auch dreijährige Bachelorabschlüsse. Einige Universitäten erkennen mehrjährige Arbeitserfahrung in einem ähnlichen Berufsfeld für die Zulassung an.


Studierende mit einem Grundstudium der Ingenieurwissenschaften können ihre Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse durch Masterstudiengänge in ihren jeweiligen Hauptfächern verbessern und so eine Anstellung in ihren jeweiligen Ingenieurgebieten finden.

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Energy Planning and Policy
  • Computer Control Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical, Electronic Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Software Systems Engineering
  • Telecommunications and Electronics
  • Water Engineering
  • Operations
  • Cyber Security Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Electrical Energy Systems


Master in Engineering: 1-2 Jahre (2-4 Semester/Trimester)

Abschluss und Karrieremöglichkeiten

Mit einem Masterabschluss in den Ingenieurwissenschaften kannst du deine Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse in den Hauptfächern verbessern und einen Job in vielen Ingenieurgebieten finden.

  • Unternehmen
  • Industrie
  • Entwicklung
  • Forschungszentren, Universitäten
  • Produktentwicklung
  • Baugewerbe
  • Werkstätten
  • Automobilbranche
  • Immobilienmarkt
  • Baubranche
  • IT-Branche
  • Luft- und Raumfahrt
  • Beratung, Consulting

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