Master in Computer Science im Ausland

Masterstudium in Computer Science (IT)

Der Fachbereich Informatik hat sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten am schnellsten weiterentwickelt. 
Durch neue Technik und deren Einsatzmöglichkeiten verändern sich die Aufgaben im Bereich Computer Science und Information Technology ständig. Der Fokus verschob sich in den letzten Jahren vermehrt auf Bereiche wie Data Science, Social Media, Cyber Security und Games Design. Auch klassische Bereiche wie Software Development oder Programming sind nach wie vor gefragt. 
Es gibt im Studienfach IT viele Überschneidungen zu den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Daraus ergeben sich Studiengänge in Bereichen wie Business Information Systems. Wenn du noch nicht weißt, in welchem Bereich du arbeiten möchtest, kannst du dich für Masterstudiengänge mit verschiedenen Spezialisierungen entscheiden. Zudem gibt es spezifische Programme wie den Master of Cyber Security.


Universität:University of Queensland
Dauer:1,5 years
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:41.936 AUD annual fee
Stipendien:General Scholarships

The Master of Bioinformatics is designed for biological sciences, computing and mathematics graduates who wish to increase their technical and research skills in core areas of bioinformatics, update their knowledge of recent technologies and methodologies, and obtain practical laboratory and computational skills through immersion in a research laboratory.

For your 1.5 years of full-time studies, you'll select from over 20 courses, allowing you to tailor your studies to suit your interests and career goals.

You'll also have the opportunity to complete an independent research project on campus or in industry, which will increase your technical and research skills.

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Dauer:2 Years
Fachfremd möglich:Any Bachelor course may qualify entry, or equivalent prior learning including at least five years relevant professional experience.
Kosten:72.200 AUD (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

Master of Cyber Security is designed to meet the demand for cyber security professionals within government, law enforcement and industry. The course engages with, and provides a pathway for, information technology professionals seeking to commence or further progress their careers in the cyber security domain. It is also relevant to those seeking to enter the IT profession who have no previous experience in the cyber discipline. 

Students have the opportunity to seek a semester long placement with an industry partner relevant to the cyber discipline.

Graduates of the program will be qualified to work as cyber security professionals including roles as designers, architects, analysts or security system engineers.

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CRICOS Code:083335A
Categories : Corona
Griffith University Logo
Dauer:2 Jahre
Campus:Gold Coast campus, Nathan campus oder Online
Forschungsanteil möglich:Nein
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:34.000 AUD pro Jahr (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)
Stipendien:20% International Student Academic Merit Scholarship 
25% International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship
50% Remarkable Scholarship
Kurzbeschreibung:As technology continues to evolve the need for organisations to protect and secure digital information is becoming more critical. As a graduate of the Master of Cyber Security, you will possess the skills to generate and implement innovative cyber security solutions for business, government and individuals.
In this degree, you'll develop the expertise to investigate and identify current and future cyber security threats, conduct risk and vulnerability assessments of networked devices and infrastructure, and generate and implement innovative cyber security solutions.
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CRICOS Code:097096G

Dauer:4 Semester
Forschungsanteil:Ja, möglich
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:36.000 AUD pro Jahr (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)

International Scholarships

Kurzbeschreibung:Designed for students who wish to extend their computer science and data analytics knowledge by:
-    developing skills in data science practices 
-    gaining insights from data from a variety of sources
-    developing skills and experience in using contemporary techniques to manage, analyse and explore data 
Focuses on practical aspects of data science:
-    covering the entire lifecycle of “data to discovery/decision” tasks including data collection, management, cleaning, wrangling, analysis and visualisation and ethical/legal knowledge to work as a professional
Features three industry-supported project units, and “Inclusive and Participatory Design” unit that aligns with activities of the Swinburne Data Science Research Institute. 
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CRICOS Code:09917B
UWA Logo
Dauer:3 Semesters
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:Variiert je nach Kurswahl
Global Excellence Scholarship

Master of Data Science gives you the knowledge and skills to understand and apply analytical methodologies to transform the way an organisation achieves its objectives, to deal effectively with large data-management tasks, to master the statistical and machine-learning foundations on which data analytics is built, and to evaluate and communicate the effectiveness of new technologies. 

As the rise of data science is a global phenomenon, the course prepares you for an international career. You will gain a detailed knowledge of contemporary data management and analysis technologies, including those for data collection and storage, visualisation, internet-based applications, and software project management. 

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CRICOS Code:093310E 
Dauer:2 or 4 depending on background 
Fachfremd möglich:No. Should have related field
Kosten:79.600 AUD 

This interdisciplinary degree will provide you with the technical skills you’ll need to work in data science across a variety of industries. You’ll be able to process and analyse data sets, including big data; use mathematical and statistical modelling techniques, machine learning and data mining to solve challenging problems.

You’ll learn to apply technical skills in areas like business and scientific applications, forensic investigation and research.
You’ll develop skills in data management on and off the cloud, machine learning and statistical modelling.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose electives in areas like data security management and modern computational statistical methods 

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CRICOS Code:080284J
Griffith University Logo
Dauer:1 - 1,5 Jahre
Campus:Gold Coast campus, Nathan campus oder Online
Forschungsanteil möglich:Ja
Fachfremd möglich:


Kosten:34.000 AUD pro Jahr (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)
Stipendien:20% International Student Academic Merit Scholarship 
25% International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship
50% Remarkable Scholarship
Kurzbeschreibung:Gain a comprehensive education in the principles and practice of information technology. Through your chosen major, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the underlying technology, administration and application of specific applications of information technology and systems.
You will learn about information technology planning and management, and about Internet-based services used in commerce, education, health, science, public administration, and many other disciplines. You will also learn how to apply information technology to model, support, and manage modern, flexible organisations.
As a graduate, you will have advanced skills in communication, problem solving, systems analysis, and project management as well as sound knowledge of community expectations for information technology practitioners.

•    Enterprise Architecture 
•    Data Analytics 
•    Information Systems and Business Analysis 
•    Networking and Security 
•    Software Development and Support 
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CRICOS Code:097098E

Dauer:3-4 Semesters (Though students who have completed an undergraduate degree in information technology (or equivalent) may be eligible for up to 24 credit points of recognition of prior learning (RPL).)
Fachfremd möglich:Yes
Kosten:22.680 AUD pro Semester (Preis kann je nach Kurswahl variieren)
Kurzbeschreibung:It is essential to keep IT knowledge and skills up to date. This course provides students with an enhanced understanding of the business context and technical developments shaping contemporary information and communications technology (ICT), and equips them to meet the challenges of working in the IT industry.
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CRICOS Code:084256C
Dauer:2, 3 or semesters depending on background
Fachfremd möglich:Related area or equivalent
Kosten:39.800 AUD per year

With increasing levels of cybercrime, governments and businesses everywhere are competing for experts with the right mix of technical and applied skills to secure their organisation against the growing threat cybercrime poses. 

This technical degree provides up-to-date knowledge and practical training for a successful career in the burgeoning field of cyber security. Completing this degree will arm you with technical skills in cryptography, networks, artificial intelligence and mobile data communications.

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CRICOS Code:099172F


Für die Zulassung zum Master in Computer Science und Information Technology benötigst du einen dreijährigen Bachelorabschluss (von einer Universität oder Fachhochschule). Für spezialisierte Master wird in der Regel ein Bachelor in einem ähnlichen Bereich vorausgesetzt. Es gibt auch Programme, die du mit einem fachfremden Bachelor belegen kannst. Diese decken die wichtigsten Grundlagen ab und eine Spezialisierung ist meist nicht möglich.


Die Schwerpunkte in den Bereichen Computer Science und Information Technology sind vielfältig und werden stetig durch neue Themen ergänzt. Du kannst aus folgenden Schwerpunkten auswählen:

  • App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Information Systems
  • Cloud and Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Programming
  • Network Management
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Software Design
  • Games
  • System Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Information Systems


Master in Computer Science and Information Technology: 1,5-2 Jahre (3-4 Semester/Trimester)

Abschluss und Karrieremöglichkeiten

Der Studienabschluss im Bereich Computer Science and Information Technology ermöglicht durch die praktische Ausrichtung einen direkten Einstieg ins Berufsleben.

  • IT Support in Unternehmen und öffentlichen Einrichtungen
  • Öffentliche Verwaltung
  • Internationale Organisationen
  • Wissenschaft/Universitäten/Forschung
  • (Fach-)Medien
  • Erwachsenenbildung
  • Datenauswertung
  • Datenschutzorganisationen
  • IT Consulting
  • Softwarehersteller
  • Internetprovider
  • Start-Ups

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