With more than 4000 research staff and students working together, University of Adelaide generates outcomes that makes our world better. From more sustainable food production to a healthier climate. From improved health and wellbeing to cleaner energy sources. From our own backyard to the farthest shores.

As a member of the Group of Eight, a coalition of Australia's most research-intensive institutions, the University is a destination of choice for highly talented researchers, students, government and industry partners. 

Outstanding research universities share some common characteristics. They respond to emerging global and national priorities, they have access to high-quality facilities and they are surrounded by highly talented researchers and higher degree students. From excellent international rankings (which see us placed in the top 1% of universities worldwide), through to research income success, great people and structure make us outstanding. 

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Key Research Areas

  • Agriculture, Food and Wine
  • Defence, Space and Cyber
  • Health and Biotech

Top 5 Research Centres

  • Waite Research Institute
  • Australian Institute for Machine Learning
  • Robinson Research Institute
  • Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing
  • Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources

Top 5 Research Achievements

  • The UofA's AI technology, based on computer vision and machine learning, is a leader in the world for space application such as space junk pose estimation. The work also includes developing robotic manipulation technology to acquire space debris once located.
  • The UofA leads research into a new plasma-based, space-ready process for the production of agriculture fertiliser. The process will help space travellers to grow their own food. 
  • The largest study into meningococcal B vaccination and herd immunity conducted by UofA has global importance for vaccination programs and policy.
  • The UofA is developing new tools and strategies to help grape growers and winemakers avoid, or mitigate smoke taint which is highly relevant due to the increased risk of bushfires expected to increase with climate change.
  • The UofA has lead collaborative efforts with the Kaurna Australian Aboriginal people to successfully revive their language. The Kaurna language - unheard for nearly 160 years - is now back in daily use.


  • Over 50 Research Centres
  • About 2300 Research Students
  • About 2000 Research Staff/Supervising academics


  • The GOstralia! Research Centre in cooperation with University of Adelaide award exclusive PhD full tution fee scholarships open to all faculties. More information
  • In 2020, the Australian government has committed to invest $20 million towards a new national artificial intelligence and machine learning centre
  • The Australian Government will invest $80 million in 2021 to develop the world-class South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute providing new, more effective and curative approaches to diagnosing and treating cancer.
  • More funding information and application deadline available here.


Research Projects

ADL Projects

University:University of Adelaide
Faculty:Faculty of Professions
Project Start Date:open
Application Deadline:open
Supervisor Name:Associate Professor Graciela Corral de Zubielqui
Location (City/Campus):Adelaide
Project Description:Undertake research in firm innovation, knowledge transfer, social media and digital tools, and SME performance as part of a PhD program at the University of Adelaide. Specifically, study and research under Assoc Prof Graciela Corral de Zubielqui who is investigating key drivers of firm performance and regional development which is associated with firm innovation. More specifically, Assoc Prof Corral de Zubielqui is seeking to explore further the circumstances under which a firm becomes more efficient and achieves better innovation performance, and impacts economic development.
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University:University of Adelaide
Faculty:Faculty of Sciences
Project Start Date:Negotiable
Application Deadline:Negotiable
Supervisor Name:Dr. Danny Wilson
Location (City/Campus):Adelaide
Project Description:

Dr. Danny Wilson von der University of Adelaide erforscht die Biologie des Malariaparasiten. Weltweit sind Kinder unter fünf Jahren und schwangere Frauen am stärksten von Malariainfektionen betroffen. Mit seinem Team geht er neue Wege, um bessere Therapieansätze für diese Krankheit zu finden. In Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Tim Gilberger von der Universität Hamburg gibt es spannende Forschungsprojekte, für die aktuell Doktorand:innen gesucht werden.

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Funding Information:

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